The British bulldog, however, does not get an extraordinary rate in terms of the health state. They are considered to be flappy and devoid of the energy unlike most of the other dog breeds possesses. However, there are many reasons behind their lethargic conditions which can be classified as being natural or being in the diseased state. It happens to all the living being as when you are in diseases or painful condition sooner you lack the energy to which you are used to. But somewhere the once cause that drives out the energy of the British bulldog is hip dysplasia. There are certified reason behind their extreme prone attitude towards this disease.


Hip dysplasia is an abnormal condition of the joints characterized by the divorce of the ligaments more appropriately loss or partial filling of the femur with the pelvic joints. As a result of which the dog faces difficulty in rising up its own weight. The cartilage around the area due to continuous absurd gains ring s of inflammation and pain around the whole femur which result in difficulty while bunny hopping or standing up after taking rest o running for a long time or else while exercising session. The signs of swelling are not always common but sometimes it does happen. When the case becomes a bit extreme dog tend to give pressure on their spine to stand up and down their activities.


The hip dysplasia generally occurs to those species which are heavy and flappy by weight. An increase of weight the dog had to put extra effort on their legs to stand up or continue any exercise sessions. since the British bulldog may not b a tall breed or large breed but it is comparatively heavier to its own weight, as a result, more energy has to put on buy the bulldog to stand erect or to do any functional activities. Though the signs of the hip dysplasia are not well witness it is said that severe pain in joints, extreme inflammation, lethargy or disinterest of doing any sort of exercise are mostly been seen n them. However, they may develop a decrease in distance between the two legs there making the dog walk in the most abnormal way.

To conclude, the hip dysplasia is a painful condition which does take away your way of locomotion if it gets hard. The stiffness of the joints starts to occur due to continuous usage of the inflamed leg and joint which will sooner give a fatal outcome. If the affected leg is used sustainably without giving it a rest it may make the animal physical handicap. Being left as untreated may lead to the partial or complete inability of walking by the animal. Since it is maternal of concern thereby all the owners of the British bulldog should put on an extra eye on the health status of the dog and be taken to the veteran for the best treatment possible.


Among all the dog breed the one that takes away the stand for the adorable creature is the English bulldog. The dog breed is very much popular as a pet at one in every ten houses. Bulldog does bear all the abilities to be certainly adored by the owners. They do have the capability of attracting the people around to cuddle him. More importantly, they attract children. By the modern studies, it was confirmed that they are the very familiar to kids and thereby like to have their company around throughout the time. Being widely patient they like to play around by the kids.


By the history flowing down to the time of the world war II, it is evident that the English men had a greater fondness of the English bulldogs and thereby like to keep them out. History suggests that there were many clubs associated with bulldogs. The English bulldogs were liked by the prime minister Churchill. The English men brought the bulldog in America. By coming in contact with the culture of America they were named as the English bulldog. The studies do show that these dogs are been ranked as fourth to be pampered by the people around as the count is yet been continued with greater affection. The foremost thing about the bulldog to be attracted is its dumbstruck attitude. It does not use its brain and likes to remain lethargic just like furniture in any house.


The English bulldog has one the best appearance that most another dog breed. The look so innocent buys their faces that you are bound to cuddle that little creature. Moreover, the averagely sized bulldog weighs about 25 kg but have small stature giving it a flappy look. the round big eyes and the nozzled inside nose along with folded skin on the neck area make it look more adorable. Besides, patient, kind and courageous are the adjectives that describe an English bulldog the best. Besides, they have a short-haired coat and can be of a wide spectrum of colors. However, there are white. Light black and brown colors bulldog available till date. They are very good t adjusting more importantly quite selective with they are going to stay.

To conclude, the above-mentioned description proves the bulldog to be the best pet to have with you. However, the breed is not much of using their own brain. According to the statistics, they are been ranked 78 out of 80 in order of intelligence. being silent all through the don’t doesn’t prove that they are obedient as they possess 78th rank out of 80 in terms of obedience. If you are willing to have a dog as a pet and to then the option of English bulldog is the option to opt for. They may be a bit of stubborn but all together it is a packet of adorn.